KPTM : Disember/January intake 2011

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"Kolej Poly-Tech MARA (KPTM), formerly known as Kolej Yayasan Pelajaran MARA (KYPM) was established as a private higher educational institution under the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 (Act 555) in September 2003. Managed by Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), KPTM offers a wide range of educational opportunities in the field of information technology, computer science, accounting, business management, engineering and health sciences."

Thats a little bit about our KPTM Profiles above....okay,not to make a long post,just want to tell anyone who open this blog that Kolej Poly-tech Mara has open a new intake for student this coming month 2011.

Any registration or inquiry about our course can be made at with me by visiting our college facebook account.Reach us by clicking the link below :

KPTM 2010/2011 Intake Facebook Link

Cats Story...=D


You see a cat picture above?...yes...the pic above i mean...haha~(laugh)...thats my cat on the house...he's cute isnt it?..

Okay,so what's up with this little fella you guys ask?...actually,nothing to share about...but did you know there was almost 19 cats in my house..?..yes,you heard me right...19!!...but actually most of them(can say all of them) are not mine...we just giving their a food since their owner had move out from here.

What can we do?....we just cant let this poor little fella's starving like that didnt we?..=)....If you guys have alot of cats story to share about...please,share with us here.^__^

p/s : i'm tired looking for cats nowadays...its too many of them...~__~

Astro ads from nuffnang!!

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nothing special,cuma a bit terkezut when getting a ads from
ASTRO too.mana taknya usually dapat iklan dari nestle,air asia,toyota and the common one are from DiGi.

Hopefully lepas ni makin banyak iklan dan user yg keep lalu lalang my blog.I really need a good traffic ,so there will be more ads coming in frequently.....hihihi...(boleh la blanje korang makan skit)

u guys ada buat nuffnang too?..meh la join2 with ceq =)

p/s :tak sabar nak kuar duit nuffnang nih!!

Damia Firdina Facebook Page?!!


Did you see this cute little fella upstairs?....haha..aku maksudkan above.Inilah Damia Firdina bt Abdullah Faisal,anak kepada one of my Facebook friend,Kak Zalia.

The reason I'm been posting about her here adalah kerana just this morning ak baru diinformkan bahawa si comel ini pun dah ada facebook.hehehe~so cute and classic!...besaq nanti tak payah susah-susah nak create akaun,mak dan abahnya dah buatkan..=))

So,after been recommended by my friend Shazwina,then I'm also added her without any further...hehe...geram betul tengok such a cute litte baby like her..macam nak toinng toingg!!..HAHAHA...apa toingg toingg tu?...tanya ibu-ibu...some of them must know about the terms here.=D

So,if interested to follow about this baby,u guys can add her by clicking the link below :
Damia Firdina Page

Language changing!!

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hey,hey...its been awhile i didnt post something here.just want to say that i'll write in malay language starting from my next post here.hehehe...see ya later in other language..=)

Selipis Pandang - Al kisah mendongeng Original Story

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"Embun pagi mula kelihatan.Dari jauh terlihat sebuah rumah usang yg mula menyalakan lampunya."Along,along....bangun!!kata nak cari kerja.mak nak mintak tolong beli tepung.petang karang mak nak buat tepung goreng utk makan malam",jerit ibu along atau nama sebenar beliau saiful.Saiful seorang anak muda berusia 22 tahun yg masih lagi menganggur setelah tamat belajar di sebuah institusi tempatan.

Saiful bingkas bangun,dia mengeliat sambil menguap mengeluarkan bunyi yg sangat aneh.Pada masa yg sama,hinggap bantal ke mukanya."Ish!!diamlah along,tak boleh mengeliat senyap2,orang nak tido lah!!",marah adiknya,shahrizan."ngah,ko tolong ak kejap,ko bangun pergi belikan mak tepung."pinta saiful kepada adiknya,matanya masih terkebil2 lagi memandangkan malam tadi dia tidur agak lewat berbanding biasa."arghhh...mak suruh ko along,nak passing2 kat ak lak."kata shahrizan,seperti memberontak diatas katil usang seperti nak roboh."ish,ko jgn nak goyang2 ngah,kang jatuh katil double decker ni kang,abah bukan nak beli baru.ko pegi je la,hari ni si joyah jongang yg ko minat tu jaga kedai",kata saiful seperti ingin mengumpan adiknya...."

Interesting to read more then click this link below to read the full story :

seLIPIS Pandang links

Saidina/Jutaria Funny Moment =D

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You guys should watch this....very funnyy!!...hehe~

p/s : i've thinking to do the same ..hehe

Blackberry to grab Today!!

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Yes! you heard me right!..there was 10 blackberry torch 9800 to be won and other cool prizes such as up to RM10,000 cash prizes to grab !!

But How? it's easy.just reload your celcom prepaid with RM20 and you will stand a chance to get the prizes today!!...this offer is for AidilAdha hurry up to grab this attractive oppurtunity =D

P/s : you can check it out the rules and regulation on their facebook by Click Here.

ahahhahaha....Laugh that never stop!!..

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okay....this is a funny video that I've got from the youtube.yeah,these guys laughing until they seems couldnt control themselves...hehehe....enjoy..^___^

Manic Monday songs For Monday Blues

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Hey been awhile I didnt write anything here.Just wanna share a video for those who get a monday blues tommorow...hahaha~....this song was called "manic monday" by Bangles.its on the late 80's song...but I think it would cheer up your days with these song....^___^

p/s : so how's the song?like it?

Paku dan Belacan.!!

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check this out!! this guys really crazy....i dont know bout them much...but they seems to love malaysia alot..hahaha~

MYFREN 2010...yeah!!

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hey girls...anyone interested in MYFREN exhibition??...MYFREN will gather more than 25 young, prominent & successful Female Entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial experience. Investment starts from RM 199 only.So if you are interested,click the link below to know more...:


HERSHEY Chocolate Yum Yum!!

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Hey2,morning everyone.Do you guys like HERSHEY chocolate??...if yes,lets join this Facebook group and become one of the HERSHEY lover !! =)

HERSHEY Group Click Here

Rina Salleh Gadis Melayu TV9 =)

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You know this cute woman?..yes!! thats've seen her on TV in Gadis Melayu season 3 on TV9...Eh?! u didnt know her?..alrite2,this pretty little fella is my friend Rina Salleh.

Why she's been in my post?...okay,the reason is simple.I just helping her to promote herself and want your support for her in the future.

So if u loike alot and want to know more about her,why dont you click the link below :

Rina Salleh Facebook

Kamen rider Lawak Subtitle


courtesy to my friend mr.Pirin...=)...there's a part 2...i'll post it later...please leave a comment..=)

To girls : Let's Online Shopping !! ^__^


I know lots of you girls out there like to purcchasing or shopping on the net especially on Facebook!! am I rite ??..ngeh3...

So,on behalf of my friend,I would like to check it out my friend's facebook page,she been selling a good and beautiful clothes at her page.Why dont you stopping by and do some window shopping first ?....=)

Click this link below to view her page :

Azila's Boutique (please add her first to see more her product pic)

Paintball at Extreme Park Section 13 Edit Version

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To all my friends who that have been tagged on FB,please click the link below :

Original pic Album (by cencorot)
Edited pic Album ( by me)

No post today

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I'm sorry because there's will be no post!this is a post...i mean i dont have a mood to write anything tooooooo tired with my assignment that must be done this coming friday....huh!!...

p/s :To our MPP ,good luck for your election tommorow....i hope BLACK PARADE didnt do something stupid...

Serindit And KamaLia Pic Collection

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Ohh....those memories really serve me right.This was a picture of our performance for english carnival at college.We've been rehearsing all the week for the big day(for us lah...haha~).

Hope there will be any event similar like this next year,I miss acting in theater like this. =)

p/s : By the way,any who interested nak tengok2 or look the whole pic,you guys can click HERE own blog banner!! =)

dont want to say much...but how's the new banner?....=)....hehe~

Nasi Goreng kerabu....superb!!

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Well,I just seem post something awhile ago about a video....this one?...hahaha..just gatal2 nak posting it..this was my breakfast made by my mom...nasi goreng kerabu....I didnt know she could cook it..=p

p/s : I miss nasi kerabu at pandan utama....its very delicious than my mom's cook..>___<"

Future Frame Techniques...Impressive!!

Hey,it's been awhile.Here I want to share a video from youtube that I found quite interesting....hmm..interesting?..yeah,to whom who likes to make a video,or playing with special effect,maybe u guys can "loike" this guy youtube account.

Okay,this video is called "future frame",where another action of the same person is already there in a pause motion waiting to be played...(am I rite?...sound guys will understand after watch it...ENJOY!

p/s : you can find his youtube account by searching for mysteryguitarman

Human Machine ? OMG!!..haha~


Hehehehe...I wish our machine are like this!!...=p....

p/s : this pic are courtesy from

OpenHouse Raya CU202


Wehehe...I'm starting my word today with a laughing.Yes,yes...I'm having an openhouse for my classmate last saturday.Actually I'm a bit shocked there was alot of people coming and I didnt expecting that much....why?I've been told that some of them couldnt make it, and some of them also have their own agenda.

But who knows..when it comes the day,alot people that I've expected not to come..are here!!hahaha..okay,for the menu,my mom just cook a spaggeti and chicken rice...and guess what,its finish too fast!!,are you guys really hungry?..hehe.. By the way,to all my friends who comes by..thank you very much...and hope all the food was fine..=p..heheh..we'll see you guys next year then..

p/s : I've been expecting different menu next just wait and see =)

Wow...!!..almost !!

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hahaha..quite weird to be a post title isnt it? the way,it been awhile i didnt write here.why?..since there's was a lot of assignment i want to finish off,i couldt or do not have any mood at all to write here.

this few days are a cruel week for me!! alot of things must be done and pass up immediately.there's 2 week left for us to struggle with our assignment before we are going for 2 months holiday...couldnt say YIPEEE!!! until all assignment are done..(T^T)

p/s : arghhh~

D.I.S.N.E.Y .....Disney..!!...what's your fav?

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Remember this stupidly cute characters?....yes!..I don't think you would say no.Everybody knows them,from kids to grown up,this guy been with us such a long time.

Actually,I've been wonder,there's must be alot of you guys like to watch Disney classic like Snow white,Pinocchio,Cinderella,beauty and the beast,Little Mermaid,Aladdin and so much more...So for today post,i will post a pic for all the favorite classic as a tribute for their story-telling to us back then.

p/s : I miss these movies alot...=(

Free Like a bird for awhile

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Today was a happiest day of my life,not so happy but a bit happy since our talentime performance already finish.Yaay!!!...what's make me feels happy,there's no assignment to be pass up tommorow...WOW!!...its hard to get an oppurtunity like this!

So tonight, it will be a movie marathon starting with "Prince of Persia sand of time" in HD,Kick-Ass(quite funny...but a bit bored sometimes),and last but not least "He's just not that into you".A story that I've been waiting for so long to watch and I will make sure I watch it tonight.hehehe~

p/s : btw,its raining here...I'm feel very sleepy rite now....hahaha~

He's Just Not That Into You

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 1 comments

He's Just Not That Into You is a 2009 American romantic comedy film, based on the self-help book of the same name by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, which in turn was inspired by a line of dialogue in Sex and the City. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Sasha Alexander, Justin Long, Jennifer Connelly, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kevin Connolly, and Bradley Cooper. He's Just Not That Into You was directed by Ken Kwapis, and produced by Drew Barrymore's production company, Flower Films, with Barrymore serving as an executive producer.

Okay,okay..yes,I ADMITTED IT!! I've copy it from Wiki's....what a shame of me...ahahaha~nevermind about that.I've been downloading this movies since 2 days ago.But I couldnt find a suitable time to watch it.demmm!!..I hope it was a good story..I was recommended by a friend of mine about this better be careful Syed!!...=p

Foot note : Still thinking when nak tgk this movie.....=p

Quotes From Karam Singh TV3

Actually it's not really his "perumpamaan",but I just post it for fun...ngeh3..=p

harapkan bulan,apa pun tarak dapat.
harapkan padi,mana boleh harap,tu serupa lalang juga.
harapkan acapan,itu worang kasi pening kapala.

Camping at ulu yam !!

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A few days ago,I've had my first camping for this year!!...Yes,it was my 1st camping with my new friends here...and without any preparation with my physical fitness,my "otot"2 sengal2 all here and there...ahahahaha~(ouch ! I should have been prepared earlier =p)

It was held at Ulu Yam....ermm...quite a nice place even its cheaper than other places...hahaha.But the experiences that we could achieve there was priceless...this is because we learn alot of new things,get a new friends,"ngorat"2 aweks.hehehe~ Since I'm posting this article,I would like to thank to my friends who are with me joining this crapping camping(haha~)
*Farrah Ain



and not to forgot,our shy time , we looking for girls again okay guys? =D

p/s : I hope all of us will be joining the paintball challenge =)

iPhone 4 !! but the crap is...=(

Few days ago,iPhone 4 was release OFFICIALLY in Malaysia.Wuhuuuuu~! that a good news?...yes it is!.After a long time we've been waiting for,now we can get the most blublablubla gadget of all time.

But what makes me interested to know is iPhone 3gs in US is being sold at USD99 which is equal to RM400 something.The question is.....why iPhone 3gs here in Malaysia not being sold at below RM2500??How much our government take tax for this kind of gadget anyway?if they take 200% tax for this,the phone just only RM800 !! If they can sell iPhone cheaper for their citizen,how about our country sells PROTON cheaper to our citizen here....just think about it..=)

p/s : FYI,PROTON that are being sold outside our country are lot cheaper from local one.

Top 10 movies currently played now in US

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There's a lot of good movies in this year,but what kind of movies that really "steal" the audience's heart?.So let check it out what's on the US Top 10 shelves offer us this time :
Plot Outline : "Thieves" is the tale of four men -- thieves, rivals and friends -- being hunted through the streets of Boston by a tenacious FBI agent and a woman who might destroy them all. The book won the 2005 Hammett Prize for excellence in crime writing.
Plot Outline : After a little white lie about losing her virginity gets out, a clean cut high school girl sees her life paralleling Hester Prynne's in The Scarlet Letter, which she is currently studying in school - until she decides to use the rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing.


Plot Outline :
A group of people trapped in an elevator realize that the devil is among them.This is very thrilling guys should check it out =)

And for the 4 to 10 places ,I just list it down below,I feel too "lazy2 malas" to put all the picture here!...ehehehe~

4 .Resident Evil : afterlife
5.Alpha and Omega
7.The American
9.The Another Guy
10. Machete


Hi, actually I dont expect to write a lot for my first post.I want to introduce to you guys this blog will be reviewing about movies and I will provided you guys with a download link ( usually in torrent ) if any of the you wants to watch the movies itself.

You guys can get contact with me here in my comment box or you can check out my Facebook page,just looking for a name "hood kamil".Maybe we could be friend and share something here on the internet.

Oh,before I'm forgot,I'm maybe using a bit "rojak2" language for my post.So please do not mind bother about it.ahaha~....ok,we'll seeing you in my next post then. =)

p/s : Got any movies recommendation?please inform me!