KPTM : Disember/January intake 2011

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"Kolej Poly-Tech MARA (KPTM), formerly known as Kolej Yayasan Pelajaran MARA (KYPM) was established as a private higher educational institution under the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 (Act 555) in September 2003. Managed by Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), KPTM offers a wide range of educational opportunities in the field of information technology, computer science, accounting, business management, engineering and health sciences."

Thats a little bit about our KPTM Profiles above....okay,not to make a long post,just want to tell anyone who open this blog that Kolej Poly-tech Mara has open a new intake for student this coming month 2011.

Any registration or inquiry about our course can be made at with me by visiting our college facebook account.Reach us by clicking the link below :

KPTM 2010/2011 Intake Facebook Link

Cats Story...=D


You see a cat picture above?...yes...the pic above i mean...haha~(laugh)...thats my cat on the house...he's cute isnt it?..

Okay,so what's up with this little fella you guys ask?...actually,nothing to share about...but did you know there was almost 19 cats in my house..?..yes,you heard me right...19!!...but actually most of them(can say all of them) are not mine...we just giving their a food since their owner had move out from here.

What can we do?....we just cant let this poor little fella's starving like that didnt we?..=)....If you guys have alot of cats story to share about...please,share with us here.^__^

p/s : i'm tired looking for cats nowadays...its too many of them...~__~

Astro ads from nuffnang!!

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nothing special,cuma a bit terkezut when getting a ads from
ASTRO too.mana taknya usually dapat iklan dari nestle,air asia,toyota and the common one are from DiGi.

Hopefully lepas ni makin banyak iklan dan user yg keep lalu lalang my blog.I really need a good traffic ,so there will be more ads coming in frequently.....hihihi...(boleh la blanje korang makan skit)

u guys ada buat nuffnang too?..meh la join2 with ceq =)

p/s :tak sabar nak kuar duit nuffnang nih!!

Damia Firdina Facebook Page?!!


Did you see this cute little fella upstairs?....haha..aku maksudkan above.Inilah Damia Firdina bt Abdullah Faisal,anak kepada one of my Facebook friend,Kak Zalia.

The reason I'm been posting about her here adalah kerana just this morning ak baru diinformkan bahawa si comel ini pun dah ada facebook.hehehe~so cute and classic!...besaq nanti tak payah susah-susah nak create akaun,mak dan abahnya dah buatkan..=))

So,after been recommended by my friend Shazwina,then I'm also added her without any further...hehe...geram betul tengok such a cute litte baby like her..macam nak toinng toingg!!..HAHAHA...apa toingg toingg tu?...tanya ibu-ibu...some of them must know about the terms here.=D

So,if interested to follow about this baby,u guys can add her by clicking the link below :
Damia Firdina Page

Language changing!!

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hey,hey...its been awhile i didnt post something here.just want to say that i'll write in malay language starting from my next post here.hehehe...see ya later in other language..=)