Petua Membuat Orang Jatuh Cinta

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 0 comments
Berita Baik kepada yang ingin mengetahui mengenai petua-petua berguna ini,anda boleh memuat turun klip petua yang diberikan oleh dr.fadzilah kamsah.Sila klik pada pautan dibawah untuk download :

Klip Download(10mb)

2011 Finally comes!

Sunday, January 2, 2011 0 comments
Finally,the year that I've waiting for..2011..the year that should be more and more things i've been planning will be achieved here.

Like previous year before,I've been planning a whole lots of things...but in the end....hehehe...just few of it get achievable value.=p

So,for this year...I wont target so much,but a bit bigger than usual...okay,for this lovely years of 2011,I would like to have :

-> a new phone which will be Xperia X8
-> better job and oppurtunities for my company
->saving up my pennies to buy a house and a car ofcourse.
->and find my soulmate,wife,girl,woman or whatever u can say as long the meaning are the same...=D

p/s:im gonna be 24 soon,so there's much to expect from the age like this...hope everything that i've been working on for this year can be achieve.!!

My dream phone....its a cheap plastic android-based phone.